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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about dentistry and oral health issues.  If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.

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Q: What is Orthodontics?

Q: What are some possible benefits of orthodontics?

Q: What are some of the signs that braces may be needed?

Q: At what age should orthodontic treatment occur?

Q: Would an adult patient benefit from orthodontics?

Q: How does Orthodontic treatment work?

Q: Will braces interfere with playing sports?

Q: Should i see my general dentist while i have braces on?

Q: What is Banding?

Q: What is Bonding?

Q: Do braces hurt?

Q: What is a Bracket?

Q: What is a Separator?

Q: What is a Band?

Q: What is Powerchain?

Q: What is a Ligature tie?

Q: What is an Appliance?

Q: What is an Archwire?

Q: What are Impressions?

Q: What is a Retainer?

Q: What is a Mouthguard?


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