Clear Braces

Clear, Ceramic Braces and Clear Invisalign braces in Kilkenny, Carlow and Portlaoise

Our Castle Orthodontics dental clinics offer Invisalign clear braces and ceramic braces.

We feel that our Kilkenny, Carlow and Portlaoise Orthodontic patients should have some options when it comes to straightening their teeth. For this reason, along with traditional braces, we are now offering innovative, barely noticeable approaches involving invisible aligners or translucent ceramic brackets.

Our ceramic braces (also commonly known as clear braces) are made from a monocrystalline (or single crystal) formation. This means that the structure is without edges or grain boundaries for light to bounce off of making the brackets virtually clear.

Many of our patients choose this option because it is highly effective at correcting even the most crooked cases and much less noticeable than traditional braces.

How much do Clear Braces cost?


All of our treatments are offered a FREE first visit consultation.


We offer all of our Orthodontic treatments for the same weekly rate (€55), allowing our patients the freedom to choose the treatment plan that works best for them.


Please contact us or make an appointment online to find out if ceramic or clear braces in Kilkenny, Carlow or Portlaoise are the right option for you. 


At Castle Orthodontics we believe everybody deserves a beautiful smile!